My Werebear Lover

by Kenzie Haven

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He was supposed to be untouchable.

For as long as I'd known Brady Malone, he had been an enigma to me. Rumors swirled around the billionaire, and not all of them were good. A lot of people said he was into drugs and money laundering, that he couldn't have made his vast fortune without the help of the black market.

But to me, Brady was a saint. He was keeping the zoo I worked at open with his generous donations that helped us take care of all our animals.

Especially the bears. Brady liked those the most. And I never questioned why until the night of the gala, when Brady went missing and I found him in their enclosure.

Except Brady wasn't Brady anymore. He was a beast—a werebear—and though I should have been terrified, I knew that look in his eyes wasn't bloodlust.

He wanted something else. Something sweet that he could only get from between my legs. Brady wanted a mate, and I was his for the taking.