Starla and the Sheikh

by Livia Lang

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One sassy diva + one headstrong billionaire = love hotter than the desert sun!

Starla's pop music career has tumbled into the gutter, and she can't fill stadiums anymore. Now she's alone, ditched by her fans and trapped in her crumbling, beloved mansion. Creditors constantly hound her for money she doesn't have, and if she can't get cash fast, she'll end up homeless and heartbroken.

Help arrives in the form of an unexpected request from a mysterious, billionaire sheikh, Aban Karim. The sexy playboy wants someone to sing at his upcoming birthday festivities, and he's set his sights firmly on Starla. The job is almost too good to be true; Aban offers her two million dollars for just a few days work.

Starla shouldn't question the possible solution to her problems, but she is afraid the sheikh wants more than a song. Could he also want to buy her for his bed? And if so, will she be able to turn down the indecent proposal, considering the sparks that are flying between them?