Sentinel - Devil Riders MC Book 1

by Ashley Rhodes

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They say you can't run from your past forever...but I can damn well try...


A new life. A fresh start. That's what I wanted when I finally escaped from my abusive ex, billionaire Benny Ashcroft.

I've changed my name, enrolled in college, and while it's tough to support myself alone, my freedom is worth it. I don't need to rely on anyone else - I don't want to. Especially not a man.

But then I meet Rafe. He's the leader of the Devil Riders MC, and my head tells me that he's bad news.

My heart though...that's another matter. His gorgeous tattooed body, his striking emerald eyes, his sheer presence - he's irresistible, and I can't stop myself from being drawn to him.

When Rafe and the Devil Riders rescue me from the unwanted advances of a dirtbag trucker at my night job, I somehow find myself instead working for them, in their bar - the Devil's Hideout. They're rough men, tempered by a life lived on the outside - but they're loyal, fiercely protective of their own, and they soon take me under their wing.

But just as I start to feel like I belong, that I've found my new family, my past comes hurtling back, forcing me to run once more.

My burgeoning relationship with Rafe is the hardest to leave behind, but I have no choice. I'll soon learn, though, that Rafe isn't so easy to shake off...


The first time I saw her, being pawed at by that asshole trucker, I knew she was different. Flaming red hair with a temperament to match, and drop-dead gorgeous. I can see in her eyes, though, the walls she's built up around herself.

I'm hardly one to talk, of course. We've all got our issues, things that we'd prefer to leave in our past - and I'm no different. Two tours in Afghanistan were enough to build pretty thick walls of my own.

These days, though, I somehow find myself the leader of the Devil Riders. They're my new family, and a rougher, cruder, more loyal bunch of sons of bitches you could never hope to find.

Me and Chrissy are taking things one day at a time, and I can start to feel those old walls of mine crumbling...but then she just up and disappears one day. Seems that her past finally caught up to her.

Like my Dad always said though, you can't run from your problems forever. And I'm not about to let her get away that easily...


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