Chosen By The King: A Gay MM First Time College Romance

by Juniper Reed

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Chosen by the King is volume 1 in the series King of Sex.

Michael was not the kind of guy you got because you wanted him. Michael was the kind of guy who got whatever he wanted and you’d just be lucky if that happened to be you.

Jamie never lets a good opportunity go to waste, which is why—one week into college—he's already feeling burned out. There are only so many new things one can stuff into a handful of days without overloading. Soon Jamie will have to get some much needed rest, but there's no way he's going to miss the infamous party everyone is talking about. The host is a legend among the students, especially among the gay students. Michael is seen as a God and he loves it.

Normally Jamie wouldn't be in the least bit interested in an arrogant bastard like Michael—not even a really good looking one—but tonight he can't take his eyes off him. Michael can get whoever he wants, as guys suck up to him wherever he goes. There's no way someone like Michael would pick someone like Jamie and, even if he would, there's definitely no way that Michael would be good for him. Or is there?