Perfectly Trained

by Juniper Reed

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Volumes 1-3 in the series Perfectly Trained.

When Elaine refuses her Master's orders because she's too afraid to exhibit herself in public, he decides that her punishment should force her to face her fears. He exposes her to one of his friends and she is expected to follow their every command. They use her as they please and Elaine realises she should always listen to her Master, because he knows exactly what she wants and—more importantly—what she needs.

Elaine's Master has been busy all week and she is missing him. Just when she thinks the loneliness might be too much, he takes her to his playroom. Little does she know that he has been testing her limits all this time. And now it's time for the ultimate test. He wants her to prove her strength. But can she persevere his torment?

It is time for Elaine to show off her worth.

She is to be the perfect servant at her Master’s party and must ensure his guests enjoy their evening. Hardly any request is off-limits and she is obliged to follow every command. Faced with a room of men, she must provide them with drinks and snacks, as well as something more...

When Elaine comes home there's a package waiting for her by the door, with clear instructions from her Master:

Undress and put this on. All of it.
Then lie down on my bed and wait for me.