by Tessa Sackville

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Beautiful and intelligent, Amy has been selected to audition for the world’s most exclusive and notorious sex club. Seventeen men and seventeen women from all nationalities are trying out alongside her. The stakes are high, there are only so many memberships extended every year. All of them want to be noticed.

The audition is a game of human chess and Amy is selected to lead the women’s team. With Amy in control she must strategically guide the sixteen women acting as her game pieces around the board.

Captured pieces must submit to the will of those who out-manoeuvre them, with nothing held back and no demand of their captor’s refused.

The Club does not accept forfeiture, Capture or be captured, there is only dominance or submission. They are watching; the game is as much a spectator sport as it is an exercise in strategy and control.

For the finale, the losing player must submit to the winner. The disastrously handsome man playing the other side of the board is so arrogant that Amy can hardly stand him. Will she be able to play well enough to win? Will she get her chance to put him in his place or will he triumph over her while the club watches her ultimate submission?

Author’s note: while this story is based around an actual game of chess, one need not know the game to enjoy the battle detailed within this novella.