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Vivarium: A Dark Romantic Ghost Story

Tessa Sackville

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Molly is an artist on the verge of her big break. She specializes in photographs that capture the forgotten and hidden places in the world. An urban explorer, Molly searches abandoned houses without fear, armed with only her camera and her desire to take pictures of places and objects frozen in time.

When her most recent location reveals itself to contain more than just old tools and furniture, the long passed ghost of a Victorian inventor named James confronts Molly. A man with a dark and dominating past who finds himself bound to Molly and desiring her in ways he hasn't felt in hundreds of years.

James wants Molly to be with him forever and his demands will not go unanswered. Molly has never been the sort of woman that men like James desire. His love has introduced her to a whole new world of pleasure and depravity. Torn between her ghostly lover and her own life's goals, Molly doesn't know if she can make the sort of sacrifice that James requires.

Trigger warning – this book contains suicidal ideations and dark themes. Mature audiences only please.

Dark Erotica Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance
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