The Deathbringer: A Paranormal Romance

by Tessa Sackville

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Olivia is what’s known as an Aegis- a vessel for powers that make her deadly. She’s been alone, cut off from her family and her old life ever since she murdered her first sweetheart at a tender age. However, Olivia’s world is about to get turned upside down when a shifter lead pack of paranormal misfits comes to her with a solution.

When she decides to join the pack, Olivia wasn’t sure what to expect but a witch with the ability to inhibit her Aegis from working definitely wasn’t it. When the dangerously handsome Alpha wolf Riley reveals his own secrets, Olivia is plunged into a supernatural world of love and lust.

Her new pack has worked hard to train her to become a ruthless killing machine without remorse, The Deathbringer. Olivia isn’t sure that she is capable of being their most deadly assassin. Together Olivia and the pack fight alongside each other, carving out their territory and asserting their dominance.

When a new member shows up, Olivia can’t resist the hot lure of the Hell Hound even if their coupling would place both of their lives in jeopardy. What of the sizzling-hot Alpha Wolf Riley who has his own designs on Olivia’s body and heart? One thing is for certain; she will never be alone because her Aegis, the power inside her that turns any living thing into ash, doesn’t work on her destined mate, whoever he might be.