Trial: An Erotic Horror Story

by Tessa Sackville

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Recovering alcoholic Richard moves into the beauty and tranquility of the Georgian back country. A fresh start is exactly what he and his wife need, a chance to reunite and move on from the damage his addiction has caused.

The little cabin in the woods is perfect, until it reveals a history of dark and evil secrets, each stone soaked in blood.

Richard doesn’t know where his reality ends and the nightmares begin. All he knows is the woman that keeps calling him into the woods is beautiful and dangerous and that he can’t resist her. There is no erasing the horror she shows him. There is no undoing the desire she creates in him each time their bodies meet.

Drawn further into the bloody history of the area and the terrible decisions made by generations past, Richard finds himself lost between madness and lust. Trapped, there is no place to hide, the woman in the woods wants him, and there is no escape.