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Ezra: An Erotic Bad-Boy Romance

Tessa Sackville

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Ezra Edwards is the elusive genius that builds engines for the worlds most luxurious cars. He’s an international millionaire playboy who scorns the media and has never agreed to so much as a photograph. He’s granted one interview, ever, with one demand - that Dylan Saunders, and she alone, interview him.

Dylan is an up and coming journalist. She’s young, hungry and willing to ask the intimate and exposing questions that only the very naïve can get away with.

Ezra is an unusual man. He doesn’t seem to want anything other than to build remarkable engines, until he sees Dylan. Now, all he wants is the sharp-tongued journalist, and he sets the wheels in motion to ensure that what he wants, he gets.

This short story includes instant, intense love and lots of steamy scenes with a very sexy bad-boy.

Dark Erotica Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance
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