Write Me a Love Story: A Steamy Romance

by Tessa Sackville

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Proximity may breed contempt, but it can also fan the flames of love...Bryant Jameson is a highly sought after male model. He's hot, brooding and just a little explosive, especially when things aren't going his way. In and out of trouble due to his danger-seeking and temper, Bryant has burnt his last bridge in the industry.Alex is a graduate student and part-time editor in desperate need of a better paying job. Raised in the school of hard-knocks, a foster kid on her own from a tender age, Alex likes two things - books and being left alone to read them.When Alex is hired on as Bryant's new assistant, she didn't know that the job required her to live with the tempestuous but undeniably sexy model 24/7. With deadlines of her own fast approaching and Bryant's constant trouble making, Alex can hardly keep up. Add to the mix, the volatile, but incredibly sexy tension between the two of them, it is no wonder Alex is having a time of it.When this odd couple discovers that they both want more than a professional relationship, things heat up. Will these two find a way to set aside differences and embrace the sizzling and promising new feelings, or will Bryant's long-held secret shame be their undoing?This full-length, standalone romance novel includes steamy scenes, strong language, and a frustratingly obtuse male model.