by K.C. Rice

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Now living in New York City, working as a special operative with The Art Forgery and Theft- C.I.D. No longer a victim. Kaycee is putting her past behind her, including the elusive Mason Malone.
Working alongside the sexy Englishman, Alex Halaway. His accent, smooth and refreshing, enough to make any woman’s panties melt. Before long, Kaycee senses the electrical charge that is always present when the two are together.
Apprehensive at first, Kaycee decides to give it a try, and allow Alex into her personal life, hopeful he can help close the gapping wounds Mason left in her heart.
That is until Mason returns. Her heart reignites, reminding her of the passion they shared, and the pain he caused.
Shane reappears, shocking Kaycee and placing her in danger, as his secret’s revealed and he claims what he feels is his.
Will Mason be able to save her from her past once more, and win her heart in the process?