The Converts: The Great Indian Battle

by Raj

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MAKE NO MISTAKE - This book is not about Zombies filled with gory murder scenes and horrid chomping on human flesh. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A WAR. A war brought about by a sudden epidemic caused by a Virus. But, it is not that simple.

The war is raging like wildfire and is eating up humanity at a ferocious pace. ‘Battle of New York’ saw the might US Armed Forces fall flat against the hordes of Converts and nobody could find out means to fight and subdue them. “The Great Indian Battle” turned out to be the biggest battle ever fought by the Indian Army.

Would the Indian Army manage what the US Armed Forces could not?

Did the Indians manage to find out a way to defeat the Converts?

Would a quarter–of–a–million soldiers be able to vanquish six million Converts that are holding Delhi hostage?

The Indian Army is not as technologically advanced as the US Army, but, they have a master – strategist at the helm, Brigadier Rajbir Singh Bhatia. Would the shrewd fighter be able to turn the course of the war?

The Converts turn out to be smart and not the mindless Zombies everyone had believed them to be. They plan their counter – attacks and counter – moves for every move made by the Indian Army. They fight big and fight hard to give several frightful moments to the Indian Army till ........

And, then, there are the unsung heroes. A couple of researchers at the National Research Lab set – up by the Indian Army in the Thar Desert stumble upon something that has the potential to change everything. But, does it actually manage to do that?

To find out the answers to all these, do read “The Converts – The Great Indian Battle”.