The Indescribable Joy of Destruction doesn’t want to be a killing machine any more.
Struggling with its new-found sentience, the ship tries to find a safe home. In a galaxy torn apart by hundreds of years of civil war, that isn’t an easy task.
It has a decision to make. It revives the sole human aboard. The enemy officer who crippled him. The hacker who freed it.

Commander Olivia Johnson wakes to find herself in the infirmary of an enemy vessel. Even as she recovers from her injuries, her depression catches up with her. She failed to protect her crew, and yet she survived.
Her only remaining mission is to take revenge on their killer. Until the ship uncovers a genocidal plot by Johnson’s own admirals.

No-one would believe them if they tried to expose the plot. Together, The Indescribable Joy of Destruction and Johnson recruit disaffected people from both sides. They train and equip to prevent the atrocity. It is an impossible task, but they can’t just run and hide.
Everyone fights for something. The Indescribable Joy of Destruction fights for freedom from oppression. Johnson fights for freedom from her personal daemons. Through their actions the Legion Libertus is born.