by Danielle Gavan

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Naughty birthdays were never as colorful as the du Tout family makes them! Follow four sexy supernatural siblings in this collection of short stories as they discover just how fun getting older can be for a Satyr, Incubus, Dhampire and Fae. The three brothers band together to give their sister, Pascale, an unforgettable birthday at the hands of Beau's college friend, Oliver Hutchinson. Beau's gift allows him to not only have his cake, but eat it too when his siblings gift him with Succubus/Maenad twin sisters. Rien is given as a ‘birthday gift’ to none other than the Succubus Queen Lilith’s, half-banshee daughter. Aimé agrees to show a shy Dhampire how much she's missing out on by denying herself the pleasures of a man between her thighs. **Part of this novella originally aired in the smash hit Everything Erotic. This eBook contains the remaining two chapters of the six-chapter novella (approximately 22 pages or 9,800 words)