Layla's Leprechauns

by Bindi Blake

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My name is Layla. I'm young and sexy and could probably have any man I want. I've never gone all the way, but I've played around doing other things. I'm known as a tease, but so what? The guys know what they're getting into when they date me. They don't have to keep coming back. I'm holding out for a rich man and I refuse to settle for less.

On Saint Patrick's Day, I take an impromptu trip to the river. Secluded and surrounded by trees, it's the perfect place to hide from my nagging family for a few hours. I'm lying on the bank wearing my favorite bikini when I fall asleep to the fantasy of my future man. Shortly after, I'm abruptly awakened by four leprechauns fondling my almost naked body. When they offer me some of the elusive gold at the end of the rainbow I find myself more intrigued than angry. What they want in return terrifies me at the same time it gets my juices flowing. When things take a weird turn I have to make some quick decisions. If I go along with their demands I won't be innocent when I meet the love of my life, but I'll have riches beyond my wildest dreams. If I don't, I leave with nothing and hope my fantasy lover finds me sooner rather than later. What's a girl to do?

Layla's Leprechauns has unprotected group sex, anal sex, rough (consensual) sexual situations, and much more. If in doubt, don't download this book.