The Legal Briefs Boxed Set

by N.M. Silber

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USA Today Bestselling author, N.M. Silber's Legal Briefs has "Edgy banter, outrageous plot, humorous dialogue, sexy liaisons, charming camaraderie and masterful storytelling." And now you can follow the the whole "hot and humorous" tale as cocky Philly prosecutor Adam Roth and sassy attorney Lily Adler transform from enemies, to lovers and finally to husband and wife. The Legal Briefs Boxed set includes the full-length novel Legal Briefs, the novella Legally Wed and the short story Legal-i-Tease bundled into one low cost collection for a limited time.

Legal Briefs:
Smart and sassy lawyer, Lily Adler, has been waging an epic battle with handsome and cocky Assistant District Attorney, Adam Roth since "the glitter incident" in preschool when they were four. Their friends' marriage, a mysterious neighbor, a federal trial, and some bossy big sisters guarantee they'll be spending plenty of time together. When they try to play nicely, will they discover that their reaction to each other is even more volatile? Can they manage to date without anyone sustaining injury? Can they avoid the mobsters trying to kill them without killing each other first? Find out in Legal Briefs.

Legally Wed:
Adam Roth and Lily Adler have survived nutty neighbors, cow pajamas, mobsters and "the diaper incident." They have learned to live, love, and work together in harmony. Most of the time. Now, with the promise of marital bliss on the horizon, they will need to tackle even bigger challenges, like Lily's anxiety-fueled libido, Adam's increasing exhaustion, two Jewish mothers and an eccentric wedding planner named Mr. Jonathan. Will everyone make it to the wedding alive? Find out in Legally Wed.

Adam and Lily Roth are married at last and on their way to romantic Rio de Janeiro. Can they make to the their destination without any wacky mishaps? If you've met Adam and Lily, you'll know the answer. Find out what happens when two of your favorite funny and sexy lawyers head to the tropics for spicy Sambas and amorous adventures in Legal-i-Tease.