by J. Rose Alexander

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Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.


Melody Hastings has gone missing.

Sick and suffering from a teenage mishap, Melody is a child in a woman’s body. The town of Woodland Creek turns out to help her father find her—but with Running Deer State Forest in their backyard, the search is going to be hard.

Ava Tsukino knows where she is.

No one will believe her if she tells them, because Ava harbors a secret like so many in Woodland Creek. She is a kami, a Japanese spirit who takes on the shape of a red fox. Ava knows there is very little time to find Melody, because someone is after the woman’s blood at the full moon.

Blaze Riordan can find her.

But he and his father are under the thumb of his grandmother. Forced to follow a path she’s picked for him, he feels trapped and afraid to break out of her safe, predictable, planned world. He wants to get away, but doesn’t know what he can do to prove he’s his own man.

Until a little red fox leads him deep into the woods, begging his help to find the missing woman...