Moonlight Calling

by J. Rose Alexander

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When Melissa Donnelly discovered the stalker's note on her table, she was shaken to her very core. Her now-ex-boyfriend wasn't the *best* person in the world, but she didn't think Andrej would sink to this level.

Detective Loren Acrioni knew Melissa was going to be a handful the instant he showed up at her house. Sassy, sexy, and smart-mouthed, she was a fierce woman determined to not let anyone stop her from living life. Not even her ex-boyfriend, the heir-apparent to the Russian mob in New York City.

Very soon, it becomes aparent there's more going on than either of them expected. Melissa is in real, immediate danger and Loren decides it's time to call in the Nightshift--a special group of New York City police officers with odd abilities: witches, psychics... and shifters.

And the one thing Melissa never expected was her knight in shining armor would show up in the small, furry shape of a house cat named Alistair Meowly...