Abby's Survival

by B.L. Mooney

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The sequel to Liv's Existence

Abigail Hughes lost the life she thought she wanted, her dignity, and quite possibly the only true friend she’d ever had. Abby couldn’t take much more of what life wanted to throw at her. When she tried to numb the pain of her past with John, it backfired as she felt what it was like to be treated like a lady. She never thought she’d fall in love again, but would she be able to survive the fall?

Olivia Levins was the happiest she’d ever been until her world was turned upside down, and she was left for dead. With Kyle walking out on her moments before her attack, would she finally succumb to the pain and heartache she’d known for so long, or would she be strong enough to not only fight to live but fight to get him back, as well?

Ages 18+ due to adult situations and violence. Some situations may be difficult for some readers.