Divorce Wars: Opposites Attract

by G.S. Carr

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Divorce Wars is the name of the game, or TV show I should say. Marry a stranger, make them hate you enough to ask for a divorce, and have the entire experience broadcasted on national television. Easy right? Wrong....

He's playing the game oh so well. Hate would be a nice way of saying what I feel for him and I need this prize money, so why are my eyes lingering on him a little too long? Why am I wondering what it would be like if this marriage was real?

Winning this game means walking away with $250,000 in my pocket. That can literally be the difference between life or death for me. I have people who need me to survive. All I have to do is be everything a woman hates. I've had plenty of practice at it so easy enough. Or so I thought. Why are my insults suddenly coming out as compliments? Why am I starting to want this woman more than the money?