The Dysdaimon's Revenge: A Sci-fi Romance Series (The Waljan Chronicles Book 3)

by JB Trepagnier

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Evil in ParadiseIsolde is five months pregnant and being held captive. Whoever has her was smart enough to effectively take away her ice as a weapon and force her to use it to stay alive. The only person she sees is Anders and she knows he’s not smart enough to pull this off. Using her wits to get out of the sweltering hot cave, she’s brought face to face with the real evil behind the Dysdaimons.Seth wants her for his queen and doesn’t care what she wants or the fact that she’s pregnant. His half brother, Morfran, has gone through some sort of horrible mutation where he’s half lizard and craves human flesh. Morfran thinks Seth should just keep her in a cage and so do the others like him. Isolde can’t use her fists to get out of this. Elan and the others can’t track her through their bond for some reason. Isolde has only her wits to escape one mad man and several mutated teenagers who have had access to centuries of planning to pull this off.The Waljan Chronicles
Child of Fire, Child of Ice
Escape to Ragnis Crystal
The Dysdaimon's Revenge
The Waljan Crucible
The Fall of Autrikxia
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