Liv's Existence

by B.L. Mooney

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First of a two part series.

Olivia Levins was on the run from her nightmare. Tired of running, but still fearful of what could be waiting at every turn, Liv settled into a routine of existence, keeping everyone at arm’s length, including the one man who wanted to keep her safe. Would she let him protect her, or would she find herself on the run again?

Abigail Hughes had the life she always wanted at her fingertips. Just weeks before marrying the perfect man, he became her worst nightmare, spilling the secrets of his haunted past. Abby couldn’t move forward until she learned what became of the hell he unleashed.

Liv and Abby had been destroyed by the same man, but in different ways. When their worlds collided, they formed a bond neither expected, but both desperately needed. Would their friendship see them through the darkest days of their lives, or would the demons of the past be too much to overcome?

Ages 18+ due to adult situations and violence. Some situations may be difficult for some readers.