Black Redneck vs Space Zombies

by Steven Roy

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The Devourer and the Space Zombies she creates have destroyed countless worlds.

Those worlds didn't have the Black Redneck.

Jefferson Balladeer hates Picayune, Mississippi, and rightly so. Adopted by a white farming family, he was indoctrinated into a traditional small town culture. He was taught to ride a horse and shoot a gun.

In an effort to impress Big Beau, his older adoptive brother, Jefferson becomes the best at these things. He becomes a rodeo star and an expert marksman, but in spite of all this Jefferson is never truly accepted by the people of Picayune. You see, Jefferson is black. In fact, everyone calls him the Black Redneck.

When Jefferson is old enough to think for himself and learns that his adoptive father may have adopted him to have another hand on the farm, Jefferson puts Picayune in his rearview mirror with no intention of ever coming back.

Ten years later, Jefferson has reinvented himself. He’s a successful novelist with no trace of his once thick accent. Heck, he hardly ever eats meat.

It’s about this time that he learns Big Beau has died and left him the sole heir of Balladeer farms.

Jefferson’s plan is to return to Mississippi and turn the giant farm into a subdivision, much to the chagrin of the people of Picayune.

But, what Jefferson thought would be a minor inconvenience becomes a struggle for survival when the Devourer, the most feared creature in the galaxy, crashes into the woods surrounding Balladeer farms and starts turning unsuspecting teenagers into space zombies.

Now to survive long enough save the world and get back to his new life Jefferson will have to embrace his roots, strap on his guns, and mount up, because there’s only one man on Earth who has a chance against the Devourer and he’s called The Black Redneck.