by Logan Fox

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An anti-social mercenary. A sheltered cartel princess. And a cartel war brimming on the horizon.


When he gets a call to escort a soft target, Milo Finn doesn't hesitate to accept the gig. After all, ten grand for a roadtrip from Arizona to Texas sounds like free money.
Until he gets on the road with his charge, and an unsuccessful hit leaves them running for their lives.
Not knowing who to trust, Finn heads for the only safe place he knows.
It should have been easy. But Cora Swan is hiding a dark secret from him; one that turns his perfect plan into chaos.


After a nameless stranger guns down her childhood love in cold blood, Cora Swan thinks her night can't get any worse. But within an hour she's on the run with a man she hardly knows.
She has no choice but to put her life in the hands of her new protector, but her troubled past leaves little room for trust. When she decides to go her own way, she lands herself in the arms of a vicious killer.

Can Finn find his way back to Cora before her past catches up with her? Or is he destined to find her mutilated body - a message from the leaders of Mexico's most powerful cartels?