Unhinged by his Dark Fire

by Sable Rose

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She's his teenage crush. He's her younger brother's best friend...
You're a young woman. Your younger brother is pissed with you because you're sleeping with his best friend and room-mate and your billionaire dad who controls your purse strings has given you an ultimatum to end the affair or else...
A twenty-eight year old conventional, former model, used to pleasing daddy, falls for a hot, twenty-five year old chocolate-eyed stud, her younger's brother's room-mate—of all things—which totally upsets her carefully-ordered life and threatens to rip her relationship with her family into shreds.
Wumi Osoba has always lived a nice, perfectly planned—and a teeny bit boring—life. To please her father, 28 year old easygoing, former model and daddy's girl, Wumi Osoba is going to marry a man chosen by good old dad, a man she doesn't love. Her father, billionaire businessman Tunji has always provided her with a good life. He's always been right. So he can't be wrong about this. Also, she has a dream to pursue; to make her mark as an entrepreneur and grow her new modeling agency.
Working as Senior Producer, Glow Force Media, with an eye on the News Director Position, 25 yr old amateur crooner and closet romantic, Dare DaSilva wants more from life. His soccer-themed online merchandising business is really taking off. He's having fun in Lagos, sharing a flat with his best friend.
But then, one day, he bumps into her. Wumi. Sister to his best friend and roommate, a teenage crush who had never before noticed he was alive. Everything within him tells him to walk away.
One look at this swaggering, chocolate-eyed, soccer-loving hunk and Wumi’s practically salivating. But she knows she should ignore the incredible attraction between them. After all, he is her younger brother’s best friend and room-mate.
She should do the right thing. Or should she?
Before long, Wumi is surrendering to this feral hunger. She's never been impulsive but close proximity to him, incites abnormal, risky behavior, like being intimate with him at a party.
Once her brother catches them together, he makes it his mission to end it. And Wumi spirals even more, torn between romance and family and—OMG—finds herself punching her baby brother in the face.
But when Wumi gets embroiled in a brawl in Dare's name, #billionairedaughtersmackdown, it becomes public knowledge. Enraged, the patriarch of the Osoba clan gives his daughter an ultimatum: marry Gbenga in two months or else...