Unhinged by his Fiery Touch

by Sable Rose

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He doesn't do relationships. She's not looking for love. All she wants is one kiss...
You know you shouldn't fall for him. He's a bad boy, maybe a killer, and he appears to have slept with every attractive woman in your city. But, gosh, he's so hot, you can't help yourself.
Strong-willed, ambitious media executive, thirty-two year old Tari Johnson believes that men are good for just a few things but definitely not for falling in love. Until she sets her eyes on playboy Adonis, Steven Braithwaite, private security agent and bachelor for life.
All commitment-phobe Tari Johnson wants is to be the first female boss in Glow Force Media, Nigeria. To get the top job, she needs to put herself above other candidates and so she hires the best in the business, Olympus Security, to manage the media conglomerate’s security.
The CEO of Olympus Security, tawny-eyed, bi-racial Steven Braithwaite is dangerous and plays by nobody's rules except his own. Former marine and ex-mercenary, he does women. He doesn't do relationships and the women always take whatever he offers.
At first sight, Tari is thrown by him, this beautiful man, and now she’s in lust.
But Tari’s definitely not in the market for a man. There are always men courting her, men she can easily control and that's all she needs. And anyway, Steven’s also the most annoying man on the planet… playing games, teasing and frustrating her. Every instinct is telling her to run away screaming.
But she can’t. Because Steven is irresistible, unforgettable and different from any other man she’s been with.
Steven knows she wants him and he wants her too. On his terms. And he’s ready to do whatever it takes to make her submit to him, even if he has to employ methods that are slightly underhanded to end her affairs with other men.
But then something happens, something neither of them is prepared for, something that turns both their lives upside down…
Just as Tari’s struggling to wrap her head around this new development, an old enemy from Steven’s past shows up and now, she’s in danger, caught in the crossfire…