Hot Winged Heroes: Adoring Angels Erotic Chronicles

by Sable Rose

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From an erotic harem party to the suites of a five star hotel, four dangerously dreamy bad boys with wings get into all sorts
of naughty scrapes!
Used to silences and short conversations, smoldering hot Angel Alexander is blown away after hooking up with enticing, free-spirited Renate at an erotic harem party. She breaks down his walls, turns his world upside down and shows him she'll do anything for him, even if it means putting herself in danger
Three devastatingly hot angels, Xavier, Augustine and Dominic, attend a launch of a five-star hotel. While there, they're entertained by a group of gorgeous female escorts, women with whom they can fulfill their every sexual fantasy. They're also thrust into a fight for their lives, battling a powerful enemy...
Hot Winged Heroes, an erotic fantasy action adventure and romance, consists of two books in one

Introducing the Adoring Angels Chronicles
It has been many years since the Nephilim, beings who are part human and part angels, revealed themselves to humans. Now, the human and Nephilim races struggle to live side by side, both believing that all angels have left the earth forever.
But, unknown to many, a group of angels are trapped on earth, unable to return to heaven, hiding from their many enemies.
They hide in plain sight, in human form: male, six-foot-seven and taller, and extremely handsome.
For the select group of women who sleep with angels, sex is transcendental, life-changing. Angels are well-endowed, much more than human and Nephilim men, with wonderful tricks up their sleeves that transforms their lovers into lifetime groupies.
For these women, this saying is truth: when you go angel, you’re a groupie for life…