The All-Seeing Eye

by Rae Else

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It was customary for a new Triad to drink the blood of the old. The All-Seeing Eye would always be carried into the present, and ever strengthened...
After the assassination of the Triad, the arete world is in freefall and the human death toll is rising. El, still reeling from the loss of her grandma, has no choice but to continue on the path she has started.
Guided by a graeae traitor with the gift of foresight, she makes her way to Greece, the cradle of the arete race. There she makes an alliance with her estranged family, the Carrases: some of the most powerful arete in the world.
As El navigates a maze of agendas, she must fight to keep herself and those she loves alive. In the land where the arete began, more than just stories lie hidden. Here, myth still lives … and hungers.
The All-Seeing Eye is the second book in The Arete Series.