Picked by the Billionaire: Covington Billionaires Book 5

by Erin Swann

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A night I wouldn’t forget. An offer I couldn’t refuse.

I had dared to love once and lost. The scar haunted me every day.
Now, I have rules three simple rules:
I don’t do dinner, they never come to my place, and I never stay the night.
Until I met the tantalizing Amy and she turned everything upside down.
It was just one night. Tomorrow I could get back to normal I told myself.
When she turned up at my next meeting, normal was no longer on the horizon.
Now, she is essential to defeating my enemy.
One way or another she might destroy me.

I couldn’t get past my failed marriage – I couldn’t take the terrifying leap.
When the question became his place or mine, I ran back to my computer to pick another.
My sister convinced me to try shock therapy – a one-night stand to get over my phobia.
One night without inhibitions and never see him again, that was the plan. Simple enough, right?
The next day, he walked into my meeting. Suddenly things weren’t simple anymore.
He held the key to my company’s survival; there was just one catch.
I had to pretend to be his girlfriend.
How hard could that be?