Mind Trade

by Candice Lim


When 17 years old Kimra takes up an unpaid internship position as Dr. Wu Zhang’s assistant, that’s the beginning of her soul-sucking job (no puns intended). In the perfection of a broken world, she should be grateful to be able to gain exposure in the renowned Zhang Robotics. Especially when Wu Zhang is the only one who can rescue her boyfriend, Cypher from perma-death.

Kimra is commissioned to abduct the consciousness of her dying victims to serve as Permabot slaves. That makes her the primary target of the charming Detective Kefvin from the New Anova Mind and Soul Ethical Department. When Kefvin captures Kimra, he’s captured her heart too.

As Kefvin and Kimra battle against time to stop Zhang Robotics from rising an army of robotic undead, Kimra has a much more important decision to make. To save the future, she will need to sacrifice the one person she can’t bear to lose. But which one?