The Forgotten Royal (A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy)

by Anna Hill

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Annabelle has never felt particularly special. Growing up in Elderan, a broken country rife with poverty and struggle, she lived a simple life. It was just her and her parents. They lived in a questionable apartment on the wrong side of town but, still, Annabelle loved her life.

Until the day it gets flipped upside down and she finds out she is anything but ordinary. She's a descendant of a long line of witches. Witches have long been extinct or so Annabelle thought.

Now she is faced with an enormous responsibility and the only ones who can help her are three shifters who have been tasked with her protection. Lio, Rhyion, and Angelo will do anything to get Annabelle to reach her full potential. But can they get her to believe in her powers when she doesn't even believe in herself?

This is a slow burn reverse harem novel.