Accidental Pregnancy

by Aiden Bates

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It's lonely at the top. I don't have much and I certainly never expected to become a father. Falling in love? I... I don't know.

One night stands were commonplace until I met Sean. His passion for the betterment of my circus family's animals makes him a little stuffy, but he's got such gorgeous eyes.

I can't let myself think that way. Next week I'll be in some other town, staring into the eyes of some other man. ...Won't I?


Of all the ridiculous things to happen in my life, falling pregnant from a one-night stand was something even I wouldn't have guessed.

I knew the risk. I took it. If nothing else, at least the baby will be raised in the lap of luxury--and he'll be taught compassion for the animals his father is so close to.

Still, really? A trapeze artist? I.. should really try to find him. Just to tell him about the baby, you understand. It's not like I have the hots for him or anything.


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