Forbidden Claim (Forbidden #5)

by R.L. Kenderson

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She’s running for her life. He’s never gotten over her. Will she let him claim her to save her?
Wolf-shifter Isabelle Rand is escaping a relationship she never intended to stay in. Fleeing her abusive boyfriend who hates to lose anything, she seeks sanctuary with the only people who can help her.
It has been two years since cat-shifter Zane Talon saw Isabelle, and he’s been aching for her since the day she vanished from his life.
Now, to save Isabelle from a dangerous and ruthless shifter who will never stop pursuing her, Zane will take her as his mate.
While Isabelle agrees to the plan, she’ll give the cat-shifter only her body.
But Zane will do everything in his power to claim her heart as well.