That's What Friends Are For

by Bridget Midway

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Can best friends sleep together and still be friends in the morning?

A former high school cheerleader and a former high school nerd have grown up together and are now best friends. Ned is attracted to Fiona, but thinks she’ll always see him as just a big nerd. Fiona is attracted to Ned, but figures a brainiac like him would want an equally intelligent woman by his side.

So Fiona cooks up a plan that would get Ned a potential promotion at work and get her a job that she thinks will please Ned. In between the pretend relationship and the real one, sparks fly. When the truth Fiona has been hiding is revealed, will their friendship be strong enough to hold them together? Or will this be the end of the friendship that, according to their friends, should have never lasted this long in the first place?