Genre: Multicultural Erotic Paranormal SuspenseA crippling fear of clowns has plagued Yessica Battle since she was a child. She thought she had it mastered until her cousin Marcus, the owner of a traveling all African-American circus, brings an act to her elementary school class to entertain them -- a clown act. In the grip of terror, Yessica wonders how she can move on with her life -- find a man and fall in love -- if she can't let go of the past. And if having a breakdown in the classroom isn't bad enough, she's got a date, the same night.It's a good thing she doesn't know the two are related.Kevin Thibbideaux, as usual, bails his friend Marcus out when his people can't make the gig at Yessica's class. It's not that simple, though; Kevin's white. So Marcus must hide Kevin's face since he can't have a white man representing his Soul-To-Soul Circus. Kevin agrees, but not just for Marcus. This way, he'll get a chance to preview the woman he's been set up with for a date that night. He just hopes she's not a woman with a lot of issues or looking for a man to save her.When they finally meet face to face, the sexual attraction is strong and immediate. But then the truth comes out about Yessica's phobia and Kevin's secret. Add an encounter with the ancient practice of voodoo, and they're thrown together in the discovery that Yessica's silly fears are no laughing matter.