Accidentally Hitched ARC

by Piper Sullivan

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I’ve always had a thing for Nash Bourdreaux.
All six-foot-four of him. With his dreamy blue eyes and dark hair.
And by dreamy, I mean I dreamt of him. A lot.
Of the dirty things he would whisper in my ear.
Of his hands roaming my body, making me feel sexy and beautiful.
But dreaming was all I had. He was popular. I was invisible.
I thought leaving town for the city would break my addiction.
Until returning for the town’s annual Solstice Celebration turned my life upside down.
Now, I’m the accidental wife of Nash Bourdreaux.
I should still keep my distance – I’ve had enough of people with questionable motives.
Except, I want everything that comes with being his wife. Especially him.
I’ve always had a thing for Viviana Stark.
She was feisty, she was sassy. She had a body my teenage self wanted to feel against me.
She was also totally off limits.
Now, she’s back.
With more curves than the rolling countryside.
And now… I need to feel her pressed against me.
I need to taste her skin, to hear her moan my name.
But, I can’t take the risk. Not when my daughter is the most important woman in my life.
My being single has been hard on her, too. I can’t break her heart again.
Not even when Vivi becomes my accidental wife.
And especially not even when the only thing I want to do is to make the accident… permanent.