Livvy Takes The Long Way

by Elsa Kurt

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"That look. I can feel your eyes on me. Those boring brown eyes. I hate your face, I do..."

So begins the story of Olivia (Livvy) Handler. Pushing thirty, she finds herself at the crossroads of her life, married to a man who tears her down and makes her feel small, but mother to a little girl who is the center of her universe. Should she stay in a loveless marriage to a man who makes her miserable for the sake of her daughter and security... or take the terrifying leap of being alone?
When a man from her past reappears- the handsome, older, and very interested Jack Weller- Livvy is swept into a whirlwind of emotions, and is torn by what is right and what she wants. One road leads straight to certain misery, but security. Another leads to excitement and romance. But a third, the most winding and twisting of all, just may lead her where she needs to go.
Livvy Takes The Long Way is an unflinching look at one woman's journey towards finding herself. A hard, honest peek inside marriage and divorce, love and hate, parenting and the roads we travel to find forgiveness and peace not only for those who've hurt us, but for ourselves.