A Viscount in Love

by Emma Evans

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A promise of love he won’t forget.

Lord Stephen Larchmont has been waiting for the day he can return to society, desperate to reclaim the attention of Miss Sarah Kingston. An angelic beauty, she made him a promise some years ago that he has never allowed himself to forget. He is horrified to discover that the lady he is in love with is already betrothed.

Miss Grace Kingston is the sister of Miss Sarah Kingston and knows all too well that the persona her sister presents to society is not who she really is. When Lord Stephen Larchmont approaches her with a proposition that could both save her from a lonely future as well as help him with her sister, she reluctantly accepts.

But will Stephen ever see Sarah for who she truly is? And can Grace find her confidence and tell the gentleman she’s pretending to court that he’s falling in love with the wrong sister?

Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance with an HEA. If you love clean Regency-era romances you will love A Viscount in Love!