One Night Billionaire: A clean billionaire romance

by Claire J Russell


“One night with me is all I ask.”

With that one question from the handsome billionaire, Alex who also happened to be royalty, Upcoming actress and talk show star Belle Myers found her world transformed. She agrees to his request after getting let down by her boyfriend. Now she must decide if that one night was just what it was. She has no idea who he is and tries to get back to her normal life but how can she when he is all she thinks about?

Alex knows he can have any girl he requests but there is just something about Belle that keeps him interested. It should have been his bachelor party but instead he wants something different. He needs inspiration. Something that was missing in his life. He thinks of her as his bride. He thinks there is more to what they had... But he not only has to convince her he has to convince his mother, the Queen of Montelle. But first he must find her? But how?

Will he deal with the fallout from the tabloids publishing what he supposedly did, the night of his bachelor party? Would their love be a happy ending or fodder for the tabloids? Will he find the girl that inspires him and make her his bride? Will his family and country accept her? Is she the answer to his prayers?