Original Sin

by Bridget Midway

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The exciting sci-fi saga is now bound in one thrilling volume, featuring expanded versions of reader favorites!Adam and E-V-E: E-V-E, or Emergency Violator Equalizer, is an enhanced woman with a computer chip in her head that makes her the ultimate fighting machine. When faced with a Cerillion robot, she's more than annoyed to have to fight along side an unenhanced human...especially one who brings out her human side.Lieutenant Adam B'Luven wants to protect the last few Earth inhabitants without the aid of a machine like E.V.E. that's making the human Army obsolete. But in order to save the humans, he'll have to drop his prejudices...and his pants.C-A-I-N an A-B-E-L: Dr. Sonjie Tuumlar has the world in her hands, literally. She has to make sure two cyborgs, C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L, are fit enough to fight against Earth's attackers. Her focus shifts when both men desire her. Determined not to be like her former lover, Dr. Lars Urlean, she fights to not have a sexual relationship with her creations. However with a man as obliging as A-B-E-L and as seductively dangerous as C-A-I-N, will she be able to hold out, or will she succumb to one of the two men...or both?Sodom and Gomorrah: Dr. Noah Wiit is a scientist who no one trusted. After losing his wife nearly five years ago, Noah has been on a downward spiral of self-destruction, not caring about himself, the humans or the Earth. While weeding out sexbots that can be used as soldiers in the Federation Army, he comes across a cyborg who turns his world upside down.Vivian Yarbeck is a woman no one believed. Captured in a sexbot raid, she proclaims her innocence to anyone who will listen. But when the one man who she feels can help her doesn't believe her, she wonders if she'll be able make it out of this situation alive.When chance brings them together, they discover a new side to themselves that's both scary and exciting. Can Noah learn to love again? Can Vivian trust him with her life and her heart? When the fate of the humans and Earth falls on them, can they put aside their differences to save mankind? Or will their pasts haunt their futures?Excerpts and more at Bridget's website http://www.bridgetmidway.com