Falling Star

by Saber Vale

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He’s not paying me to spend the night with him, he’s paying me not to fall in love...

My story is familiar, cliche even, child actor turned unlikely sex symbol, jaded and broken by the Hollywood machine.

I’m tired of being used, tired of being broke, and I don’t see how I’ll ever really break into the A-list before I fall apart.

When my sleazy agent brings me an unbelievable offer, a small fortune for one night with a wealthy stranger, I’m disgusted, but I can’t afford to refuse.

The man who buys me, though, isn’t your average wealthy international playboy. He’s a prince, but this story isn’t a fairy tale.

He’s got his own obligations, his own secrets, a dark side, and a taste for pain and punishment. He likes me, even wants to help me maybe, but really he’s paying me to keep my distance, to protect my heart, to never fall in love.

Fine, I’m good at that.

I’m an actress after all.