Fascination Street

by Bridget Midway

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The Good Neighbor Policy just got a whole lot better!

When interracial couple Grant Valente, an accountant, and his girlfriend Zora Hall, a dog groomer, move to a quiet suburban cul-de-sac, little did they know that the neighbors there exchange more than gardening tools and recipes. They swap partners. And now that Grant and Zora have moved to Fascination Street, the residents there expect them to participate. Between the two BDSM couples and a third couple where anything goes, dull moments would be few and far in between.

Excited to explore this new venture, Grant and Zora agree to be a part of this sexually daring arrangement. But what seems like Utopia quickly turns into an excercise that tests their trust, honesty and love. Can Grant and Zora make this unusual lifestyle work? Or is too much of a good thing not a good thing?

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