Corporate Needs

by Bridget Midway

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Princess Watkins knows one thing for sure: she's damn good at her job. Working as Dominatrix for her friends, Winston and May Biggers, at their exclusive bed and breakfast, Suite Surrender, has been easy...maybe too easy. Lately she's felt like she's been going through the motions with her clients. Her bosses must have noticed her same lack of enthusiasm. Out of the blue they bring in a Dom who is up for consideration for the Dungeon Master position at the resort, a job Princess feels she's more than earned.Erik Hendrix didn't expect that when he pulled up stakes from his home to work for his buddy at his resort that he would be competing for the job he thought was promised to him. He especially can't believe who he's competing against, a hot spitfire of a Dominatrix who has more than captured his interest. With his past track record with dating, especially with another Domme, that's not a road he's interested in exploring.When Princess and Erik get together, the sparks are undeniable. Can either look beyond competing for the same position to succumb to their true needs?Corporate Seduction is Book One of the Corporate Heat Series. Be sure to check out Corporate Desires and Corporate Needs by Bridget Midway.