The Seven-Year Swordsman: The Knight's Foundation

by R.R. Bisso

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Start your first-year schedule gearing up for Renaissance Sword 117, Archery 123, or even Dueling 196. Which hall will you belong to? Harryn’s, Calacara, Darkdeen, Psykkor or Raebarh?

Valrryx Akademie of Swords and Weaponry seeks new hope and rejuvenation, but for all the wrong reasons. Nolyn Grandsmyre of a mere twelve years of age sparks curiosity and debate being the first knight to enter the grounds of the Akademie in several generations, though not alone.

Friends of his, Laressa, Connor and Rory begin their first year at the Valrryx Akademie, learning the ways of the blade with help from their various masters. The Akademie is always accepting new students, and here’s your invitation. What will be your blade of choice?

Year 1 of the Valrryx Akademie.