Trained By Her Darling Duke: The Maid Earns His Undying Love

by Virginia Vice

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When her aunt found her a position in the Duke of McClellan's household staff, Audrey Fisher was excited to be entering the service of such a distinguished nobleman. His reputation for both charm and generosity fills young Audrey's head with silly daydreams of being swept off her feet.

Of course, no duke would stoop to court a maid. That only happened in fairy tales.

But it turns out the virile young Duke wants his new maid to do more than just polish his silver. Being the hands-on type, he's going to train the young, chaste, virginal maid himself. And to his own surprise, he finds himself needing her with every fiber of his being.

This is a 23000-word novella involving an innocent maid and the dominating duke who falls in love with her. Kinky BDSM scenes and HEA included.