Nocturnia: The Prophecy

by Scerina Elizabeth

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Now living in the vampire kingdom of Nocturnia with her dark Vampire Prince fiancé Cross Vladislad, Scerina Johnson is now a powerful witch. Learning how to hone and understand her newly received powers from her soon-to-be sister in law Fairuza Vladislad, a fellow witch of great powers who is also an Oracle.

Together they go up against the evil Vampire Queen Evangeline, who is also another powerful witch and mother to both Cross & Kain Vladislad.

Queen Evangeline will stop at nothing to have Scerina by her side so that she could steal her powers. While Kain will do anything including kill his own twin brother to have Scerina as his vampire bride.

It is foretold by an ancient prophecy that both Scerina & Cross are meant to be together for they are the great protectors of man kind. Together they will give birth to a whole new generation of vampires who will not only protect mankind but also the immortal world as well.