Heat Wave

by Kristen Kara

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Fire doesn’t burn them. What are they? Weird Cult or what? (Paranormal Steamy Romance)

"Only one mysterious fire changed their lives forever."

Chris, the fire chief never wanted his team to see this secret.
It turned out to be pure evil. It got stuck in them like a curse.

Though Mia hated those dirty looks!
Chris wasn’t ready to quit, till he claimed every bit of her body and soul.
It wasn’t supposed to happen.
But, he made her go off like a volcano.

Mia wasn’t sure if that was the reason they met. She is a cop; she wanted to know why the fires spread and became more frequent? No one had a clue. The action squad got pulled into what was now a paranormal investigation.

This series is about them, solving the mystery. Who or what is setting these fires, with a lot of danger for these alpha males (and their girls).