Billionaire's Intern

by Tia Fox

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Lily: It was supposed to be a simple internship. A boring desk job. Flirting with the billionaire CEO was certainly not on my to-do-list this morning, but somehow it still happened. He's hot, he's powerful, and apparently... he's interested in me. This might be a huge mistake... or the most fun I've had in years.

Adam: Life's easy when you've got more money than you can spend. But it also gets boring and lonely really fast. Until I met her. She's just our new intern, but she's unlike anyone I've ever met. Real, honest, genuine - and cute as hell. I haven't wanted anyone as badly as I want her for a long time.

Billionaire's Intern is part one of the Billionaire's Redemption series.

WARNING: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains very hot sex scenes that are best enjoyed when you are alone. ;)