Left At The Altar: Revenge

by Myra Brightholme

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A Billionaire Romance: full-length novel - 50,000 words!

His large hands wrapped around my neck, a deliberate choke, close enough to threaten my life, but not enough to claim it. His taunting face loomed closer to mine as he pressed harder to bring me a step closer to blacking out . . . and I liked it.
The worst feeling in the world is when you leave your fiancé at the altar, for apparently no reason at all. And said fiancé never did anything to deserve that. That’s exactly what I did, seven years ago. On the surface, I probably looked like the most horrid person on the planet. Except there was much more to the story.
You see, back in college, I did something really stupid to fit in. Someone wound up losing their life over something that I did. All to impress people that wouldn’t matter five years from then.
The scary part is that someone knows about what I did. And they’re using it against me. I’m already down on my luck, with a shitty job, an ailing mother, and guilt that has swallowed almost every corner of my life. Add to the list the dreadful likelihood of me ending up in jail.
I’ve run into a forbidden flame, and my being seen with him could jeopardize my entire existence. Whoever knows my secret is watching my every move.

This is a full-length novel with an HEA. Over 50,000 words of pleasure! 18+ Only. Enjoy!